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Who we are?

Trundle Bush Tucker Day Inc’s primary function is to host Australia’s National Bush Cook Championships. This festival is now in its 32nd consecutive year and attracts over 2000 visitors who enjoy live music throughout the day, bush games, sheep shearing and cooking demonstrations, taste testing, free kids activities market stalls and more. Our festival is a not for profit community event and all profits go back into the local community. The committee consists of 10 core members, while in the lead up to the event this number can swell to over 50 volunteers who help to set up and coordinate the event, including manning the gate, selling merchandise or facilitating the free bush tucker and much much more. All members are volunteers. The Trundle Bush Tucker relies on the support from our local businesses, organizations and sponsors, without their help this event would not be possible.



The Trundle Bush Tucker Day came into existence in 1987 with a small group of enthusiastic young people identifying a great way to raise funds for the local charities and organisations, while maintaining a fun filled family day in our country village. The attendance since then has grown from approximately 100 to over 2000 people. It has now become a well-known story amongst locals, ‘couple of men took part in a friendly bet, a challenge of sorts, to see who could cook the best meal in a camp oven.’ For those of you that aren’t familiar with bush tucker, the event continues to celebrate bush cooking and food that is cooked by a campfire and with minimal resources. According to the inaugural general meeting of Trundle Bush Tucker Day incorporated in 1995, there were two objectives; Firstly “To promote understanding, friendship and goodwill among people of all ages and to undertake this one social event of the year for the aforementioned purpose”. The second objective was to “distribute any surplus funds from Bush Tucker Day to any worthy charity or organisation”. I am pleased to say that these guidelines are still firmly in place when current committee members meet.


The Trundle Bush Tucker Day is structured in a unique way to involve our local community groups, if they help out on the day, we give them a donation the following year, so that any money raised on the day is donated to local community groups that assist with the running of the event. The money is awarded at the Trundle Australia Day Presentation, Trundle Bush Tucker Day has distributed donations to Trundle Central School SRC, CWA Trundle Branch, Trundle R.L.F Club, Trundle Main Street Rejuvenation Project, Trundle Pony Club, Trundle Men’s Shed, CTC Trundle, Trundle Red Cross, St Patrick’s P & F, Trundle Central School P & C, Sunshine Club Trundle, Trundle Amateur Swimming Club, Trundle Pre-School Committee, Trundle Hospital Auxiliary, Trundle Welfare Community Service Association, Can Assist – Parkes Branch and the Parkinson’s Association – Parkes Branch and many more local groups..


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Commonly Asked Questions

Can I bring dogs into the festival

Due to there being lots of families, children and food, we ask that you don’t bring dogs into the festival area. The only exception are those dogs entering in the ‘Dog Jumping Competition’. They will need to enter a designated gate and cannot enter the festival area apart from the sectioned off area for the competition.

Is firewood supplied

Yes, firewood is supplied for the festival for cooking, however if you are camping you will need to supply your own.

Am I allowed to have a fire in the camping grounds?

Yes, but only small fires that provide warmth and for cooking. Fires must be kept safe and have a clearing to ensure the fire does not get out of hand.

Can I bring alcohol into the festival?

No.The festival is strictly no BYO alcohol. The festival licence also stipulates no glass. Patrons will be checked at the gate and any alcohol will be confiscated. There will be a full bar operating at the festival, with all proceeds going to Bush Tucker Day Inc

Are there ATMs available?

There are no ATMs at the Showground, however there are facilities to withdraw cash at the Trundle Hotel, Lucky 7 Store and the Trundle Services and Citizens Club.

What can I eat at Trundle Bush Tucker Day?

We strongly encourage everyone to cook their own tucker at Bush Tucker Day – to really get in the spirit of the day! If this isn’t possible, then we have food options that range from $3. This includes a BBQ, pizza, homemade lemonade, gourmet sausage sandwiches and more

What do I need to bring?

If you are cooking, you need to bring all of your cooking gear – camp oven, utensils, ingredients, etc. We supply the coals and the dirt to dig a hole! If you are not cooking, then just bring a good hat (it’s usually a cracker of a day in September in Trundle) your camera and a big smile.

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